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Hey, this is my page.  Hope you like my photos.  I'll try to keep it interesting!

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Here is a little info about me: 

  • Right now, I'm playing a Hartke amp and cabinet.  2-12's and 300 watts at 4 ohms are enough to rattle most places we play.  I play the cheapest ESP bass they make.  It sounds and plays better than basses twice the money, and I can beat the crap out of it since it was cheap.
  • I love to write and record songs.  It's the only "work" I can do that doesn't feel like work.  I've always said if I put a fridge and bathroom in my studio I'd never leave it.
  • I played the trumpet for years, actually went to college for a semester for it at UW Madison, dropped out, then ended up with a business degree from UW Parkside.  Weird how things work out.  I can also play the drumset.
  • My significant others: Wife-Jen, Dogs-Gizmo, Molly, Tinker, and 1 fish.
  • Oh yeah, GO CUBS!! This is the year.